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Gliding time!

This summer 2017 Geoff took his latest intern Cemre to the gliding in such a sunny and clear day in London!                                                                                                                                      Cemre is currently studying Land Management and Land Tenure Programme at Technical University of Munich and doing a short-term internship at GPA. It was the first gliding experience for Cemre and she was very happy at the end of the day.

                                                   “Gliding was amazing but also a little bit dazzling!”

New GPA Intern 2017

              Cemre Şahinkaya

Geoff is delighted to welcome a new intern to GPA! Cemre Şahinkaya is from Istanbul and is studying at the Technical University Munich master degree course on Land Tenure and Land Management. Geoff met Cemre when lecturing on the course in 2016 and was happy to invite Cemre to come to London as part of her thesis preparation looking at urban regeneration in Turkey and Germany. Cemre would be happy to hear from anyone working on urban regeneration and can be contacted directly at Thank you in advance. I just want to make my e-mail adress correct as cemresahinkaya1@gmail.com. You can find further about her  in cemre_gpa_newest.

Spring Interns Outing

On the 22nd of May, Geoff took his two interns Bereket Neguse from Eritrea and Wenes Widiyani from Indonesia gliding and hiking at the Dunstable, London. They are both currently part of the  Mundus Urbano  – MSc in International Cooperation in Urban Development, doing their second year Masters program at the University of Grenoble Alpes, France. They have been engaged in GPA by doing a study and preparing a literature review of urban land production and lease transfer of three cities in Ethiopia, namely Addis Ababa, Mekelle and Adama. In addition, they have also been engaged in the Vietnam ‘Scaling up Urban Upgrading Project’ regarding land use and master plans review briefly. They are also responsible for updating GPA website.

The gliding was a delightful experience for both interns, where the highlight of that day was the loop Geoff did during gliding.

A lil bit hiking to the hill

The day ended by attending a seminar on- Brexit and It’s Impact on Asia and The Commonwealth which was organized by the Democracy Forum at Senate Room, Senate House, Malet St, London.

Picture was taken from http://thedemocracyforumltd.com

As Wenes is going to leave in mid-June, this outing was also cherished as a farewell for her exciting time in GPA.